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Intelligent Interactive Display System Accurate and efficient delivery of commodity information to customers

Fashion display can enhance product brand and image of shops as well as attract customers.
To construct an environment in shops utilizing smart technology with appealing and comfortable lighting, sound and network.
To reduce costs of manpower utilizing advanced technology.

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Our APP software must be used with our independent developed various hardware collaboratively.

Because all the data communication protocols are defined independently, they cannot be used in conjunction with other companies' software and hardware.

However, if the two companies reach a strategic cooperation agreement, we can open the data communication protocols or customize the system according to customer's requirements.


Intelligent terminal APP has two versions: Network version and Single version.

Network version

Network version APP needs to be used with our cloud platform.

Through cooperation with the cloud platform, to achieve the following functions:

Match exhibits with relative information;
Set display information;
Terminal configuration;
Upgrade software.

Intelligent interactive system


Single version

Single version intelligent interactive display system is mainly used for single terminal operation without network.

Single version uses USB disk to import material and software upgrade.

Intelligent interactive system

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《Network intelligent interactive display system APP instruction manual》
《Single intelligent interactive display system APP instruction manual》