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Intelligent Interactive Display System Deliver product information accurately, efficiently and comprehensively to customers

Well-prepared videos or pictures can fully demonstrate the characteristics of products.
A beautiful and fashionable kiosk can well enhance the product brand and the image of the store, and attract the attention of consumers.
Use digital salesperson, electronic shopping guides, to save labor costs and reduce inventory pressure.

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Intelligent All-in-One Advertising Player

1, Place our intelligent mast controller into display to become an all-in-one information terminal.
2, It should be used in conjunction with intelligent controllers (such as data communication cables) and needs to install our sepcial professional APP.

3, If customers only need Cloud Shelf display and no interactive function, they can buy ordinary advertising players by themselves.



                                                 1, Any TV with HDMI interface can be used.
                                                 2, Facilitate local purchase and local warranty services.
                                                 3, TV screen is better not more than 85 inches.
                                                 4, No touch function, only for display.

LCD Display

1, Any LCD or LED display with HDMI interface can be used.
2, Customer can purchase locally.
3, Can be customized according to customer requirements, such as size, touch, etc.
4, If customer needs more than 43 inches touch screen, our company needs to utilize higher performance control board.


Bar Display

                     1, Especially suitable for multi-storey shelf display in shopping mall.
                     2, Any bar display with HDMI interface can be used.
                     3, Customer can buy bar display themselves, or entrust our company to purchase.



1, Especially suitable for inconvenient display installation.
2, Any projector with HDMI interface can be used. Customer needs to consider the projector quality and price.
3, Customer can buy projector himself.