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  • Intelligent Controller
    Intelligent Controller

    Intelligent controllers are the core part of the intelligent interactive display system. It is installed in special professional APP.

  • Smart Sensor
    Smart Sensor

    The main function of the sensors is: to collect position information of exhibit and to obtain the ID information of exhibit.

  • Digital Controller
    Digital Controller

    The functions of smart controller are mainly: signal processing and data transmission. It can also serve the purpose of IO port extension.

  • Connector

    The main function of the interface board is to expand the number of interfaces and to facilitate the installation of sensors on the booth.

  • Display Terminal
    Display Terminal

    The main function of information terminal is to display audio and video. LCD with HDMI interface, such as LCD TV, bar screen, projector and so on.

  • Professional APP
    Professional APP

    Our professional APP must work with our wide variety of hardware because of special all interface definitions and communication protocols.

  • Cloud Platform
    Cloud Platform

    The role of our professional Cloud Platform is to monitor and manage remote digital terminals through the network.

  • Wireless Automation
    Wireless Automation

    It's especially suitable for application fields that are unattended and need to grasp the equipment operation conditions in real time.

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