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Digital Kiosk as Cosmetics Electronic Salesperson

Digital Kiosk as Cosmetics Electronic Salesperson

Customers often subconsciously associate store image with cosmetic quality and performance, and often associate shopping experience with purchasing decisions. ...
Focus on Smart Store with Intelligent Interactive Display System

Application Introduction

Digital Kiosk as Cosmetics Electronic Salesperson

Pain point in Cosmetics retail

1、Customers often subconsciously associate store image with cosmetic quality and performance, and often associate shopping experience with purchasing decisions. The lack of image store environment, lack of innovative sales methods, and boring and mediocre shopping experience are the pain points to attract customers' attention.
2、Due to the complex composition of cosmetics, it is difficult for sales personnel to describe the technical terms and the characteristics of cosmetics in language, and it is even more difficult to describe the effect comparison before and after makeup.
3、The best way to sell cosmetics is to teach about makeup and how to use it. The explanation effect of ordinary shop assistants is far less than that of carefully prepared audio and video explanations.
4、The training to sales staff is very important, however the staff turnover is high.



Solutions to the Pain Points of the Cosmetics sales

The intelligent interactive display kiosk has functions such as information interaction, video playback, cloud shelves, and data statistics. The system cooperates with the high-end and atmospheric display stand, which can well strengthen the promotion of cosmetics brand, enhance the image of the store, and attract the attention of consumers.



The system consists of three parts: photoelectric sensing unit, intelligent information terminal and cloud service management platform (optional). It adopts building block topology structure, which can be integrated or split, with convenient installation and flexible configuration.
1、Smart stand or shelf: The sensing units are placed into the stand.

2、Intelligent video information terminal: LCD intelligent terminal equipped with professional APP application software developed by our company.
3、Cloud service management platform (optional): information terminal status monitoring; terminals management; exhibit contents management; data transmission with information terminals; cloud shelf; data statistics, etc.


Functions of Digital Kiosk with Intelligent Interactive Display


1、When customer picks up the cosmetics that he is interested in, the LCD screen will immediately display the video or pictures of the exhibit, including the composition of ingredients, application effects, usage methods, promotions, etc., and can guide users to click on "Product Details" or scan QR code to go to a website of online flagship store or mall, completely open up a new retail model.


2、On this information terminal, when customers watch interactive exhibits, they can also view other products on cloud shelives, such as hot products, discounted products, inventory products, etc.
3、When no customer chooses to watch the exhibits, the LCD screen automatically plays the configured advertising video. This video can promote in-store events, products for sale, or play other ads to increase store revenue.
4、The system can automatically record the viewing times and playing time of each cosmetic. Therefore, on the software management platform of the cloud server, you can view the viewing times and playing time statistics of each cosmetic by the terminal name, statistical time period, etc. Through big data, it is possible to truly analyze consumer purchasing behavior and provide a strong basis for scientific decision-making of business operations.