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Smart Digital Shopping Guider in Shoes and Bags store

Smart Digital Shopping Guider in Shoes and Bags store

Shoes and bags come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and more. If the store is large, the rent is expensive; if the store is small, the samples cannot be placed....
Focus on Smart Store with Intelligent Interactive Display System

Application Introduction

Digital Shopping Guider with Intelligent Interactive Display in Shoes and Bags retail store

Pain Points of Shoe and Bag store

1、Under the strong impact of online shopping, fewer and fewer people shop offline. Even if customers enter a chain store, they often don't buy it after looking around or even trying it on, but go home and shop online. Some shoe and bag chain stores sell goods through e-commerce, but because there are too many merchants selling shoes and bags on the Internet platform, their stores are ranked too low, almost no one browses the online store, and the sales situation is still poor.
2、Shoes and bags come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and more. If the store is large, the rent is expensive; if the store is small, the samples cannot be placed.
3、Inventory pressure in shoe and bag stores is high.
4、The lack of image store environment, lack of innovative sales methods, boring and mediocre shopping experience is difficult to attract customers' attention.


Solution to the Pain Points of Shoe and Bag retail
Intelligent Interactive Display Digital Shopping Guider can effectively solve the pain points of the shoe and bag retail industry. The interactive display system of the smart shoe and bag retail store consists of three parts: a signal acquisition unit, an intelligent information terminal and a cloud service management platform. 
The specific implementation is as follows:
Build a new retail video experience area and install a smart display terminal on the wall, booth or shelf. This terminal is installed with professional APP software independently developed by our company, and a barcode scanner is installed at the same time.
Cloud service management platform: information terminal status monitoring; information terminal management; exhibit material management; data transmission with information terminals; cloud shelves; data statistics, etc.
Function of Intelligent Interactive Display and Cloud Shelves
1、When a customer scans the barcode on the product, the LCD screen will immediately play the video or picture of the goods, including the parameters, characteristics, features, promotions, etc. and can guide the customer to click "Product Details" or scan the QR code for more detailed product information. After customer is satisfied, he can buy in chain stores or online. In this way, the new retail model of offline experience of online shopping is completely merged, and the integration of offline and online is perfectly realized. The system can distinguish which store the sales come from through the unique code of each information terminal, which is convenient for manufacturers and stores to share profits.

2、On this information terminal, when customers watch interactive goods, they can also view other products, such as popular products, discounted products, inventory products, etc. in Cloud shelves. Through the Cloud shelves, the problem of a lot of goods and insufficient business store area is well solved, and the problem of inventory pressure is also well solved .
3、The system can automatically record the viewing times and playing time of each product. Therefore, on the software management platform of the cloud server, you can view the viewing times and playing time statistics of each goods by the terminal name, statistical time period, etc. Through big data, it is possible to truly analyze consumer purchasing behavior and provide a strong basis for scientific decision-making of business operations.
4、When no customer chooses to watch the products, the LCD screen automatically plays the configured advertising video. This video can promote in-store events, products for sale, or play other ads to increase store revenue.