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Interactive Display Digital Promoter in Telecom shop

Interactive Display Digital Promoter in Telecom shop

Smartphone interactive display e-promoter elevates sales from traditional "narrative" to fashionable "experiential". ...
Focus on Smart Store with Intelligent Interactive Display System

Application Introduction

Intelligent Interactive Display Digital Promoter in Telecom shop

Requirements of mobile telecom shop

1、Under the impact of the smart retail and new technology wave, the use of intelligent technology to create a beautiful and comfortable store environment with sound, light, electricity and network can truly improve the shopping experience of customers. Beautiful and fashionable booths and shelves can well enhance mobile phone brand promotion, shop image, and attract consumers' attention.
2、The video prepared by the merchant carefully can fully demonstrate the characteristics of the mobile phone, and even the abstract meaning that is difficult to express can be displayed in front of the customers with the video.
3、Display other accessories such as earphones, mobile phone sets, etc. in cloud shelves, indirectly increasing the area of the business hall. 
4、Adopt high-tech means to save the labor cost of sales staff.


Solution to Digital Promoter with Intelligent Interactive Display 
Smartphone interactive display e-promoter elevates sales from traditional "narrative" to fashionable "experiential". The system consists of three parts: intelligent booth, intelligent information terminal and cloud service management platform. It adopts a building block topology structure, which can be integrated or split, with convenient installation and flexible configuration.
1、Smart booth or shelf: place the charging alarm and signal sensing unit on the stand.

2、Intelligent video information terminal: LCD intelligent terminal installed with our professional APP application software.
3、Cloud service management platform: information terminal status monitoring; information terminal management; exhibit material management; data transmission with information terminals; cloud shelves; data statistics, etc.


Intelligent Interactive Display E-Promoter Function

1、When a customer picks up or touches the screen of the mobile phone they are interested in, the LCD screen immediately plays the video or picture of the mobile phone, including mobile phone advertisements, promotions, performance parameters, etc. It can guide the user to click "Product Details" or Scan the QR code to learn more about product information.  

2、On this information terminal, when customers watch the interactive exhibits, they can also view other products, such as popular products, discounted products, limited-time promotional products, etc. in Cloud shelf.
3、The system can automatically record the viewing times and playing time of each product. Therefore, on the software management platform of the cloud server, you can view the viewing times and playing time statistics of each exhibit by the terminal name, statistical time period, etc. Through big data, it is possible to truly analyze consumer purchasing behavior and provide a strong basis for scientific decision-making of business operations.