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Digital Guider for dishes in Catering Industry

Digital Guider for dishes in Catering Industry

How to attract customers and increase customer consumption is the point of interest of every restaurant....
Focus on Smart Store with Intelligent Interactive Display System

Application Introduction

Digital Guider for dishes in Catering Industry


Pain Points of Dishes display

1, It is difficult to describe the craftsmanship, ingredients, smell, aroma, beauty and stories contained in the dishes of restaurant. What is the main ingredient of this dish? What is the serving size? What are the side dishes? What are the condiments? What is the serving size? How is this dish processed? What is the cooking process like? Is this dish the main specialty of the restaurant? Is this dish on sale? Questions such as these, in the catering industry, it is difficult for most service staff to explain clearly in language.
2, How to attract customers and increase customer consumption is the point of interest of every restaurant.
3, Restaurants have many employees, but labor costs are getting higher and higher, employee training is becoming more and more troublesome.



Solutions to the Pain Points of the Catering Industry

Digital dish guiders can be used to solve these pain points. It takes interactive display and uses intelligent technology to create a beautiful and comfortable store environment. Through the multimedia display of various dishes, the dining experience of customers is comprehensively improved, and the turnover of restaurants and hotels is greatly increased by stimulating the appetite of customers.


The system consists of three parts: an intelligent sensing unit, an intelligent information terminal and a Cloud service management platform. It adopts a building block topology architecture, which can be integrated or split, with easy installation and flexible configuration.
1, An intelligent display stand or display board: put the signal acquisition unit into board.
2, Intelligent terminal: intelligent LCD terminal installed with special APP.
3, Cloud service management platform (optional): information terminal status monitoring; information terminal management; exhibit material management; data transmission with information terminals; Cloud shelf; data statistics, etc.


Functions of the Digital Dish Guider

1, When customer wants to know the ingredients, cooking process and other information of a dish in detail, they only need to gently shake in front of the photoelectric sensor in front of the dish model or dish picture they are interested in, and the LCD screen of the intelligent interactive display system will automatically play the audio and video of the dishes, including the characteristics of the dishes, main ingredients, ingredients, seasonings, origin, cooking techniques, stories, promotions, etc. The videos carefully prepared by these merchants can fully demonstrate the characteristics of the products. The abstract meanings that are not easy to express can be displayed in front of the customers. It can greatly improve the appetite of the customers.
2, On this information terminal, when customers are watching the dishes they are interested in, they can also view other dishes, such as popular dishes, discounted dishes, time-limited promotional dishes, etc., which has the effect of Cloud shelf.
3, The system can automatically record the number of times each dish is viewed and the playing time. Therefore, on the software management platform of the Cloud server, you can view the number of times each dish is viewed by customers and the play time statistics chart by terminal name, statistical time period, etc. Through big data, it is possible to truly analyze consumer purchasing behavior and provide a strong basis for scientific decision-making of restaurants and restaurants.