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Intelligent Advertising Player in auto 4S centre

Intelligent Advertising Player in auto 4S centre

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Focus on Smart Store with Intelligent Interactive Display System

Application Introduction

Intelligent interactive multimedia display car model in automobile 4S shop


The status of auto 4S centre
1, Although the decoration of the automobile 4S shop is relatively luxurious, the means of promoting new cars and new technologies in the exhibition hall are low. The car 4S store should be a place that can reflect technology products. The stronger the sense of technology in the product, the more it can stimulate consumers' desire to buy.
2, The best way to sell a product is to teach product knowledge and how to use it correctly, and the explanation effect of an ordinary vehicle promoter is far less than that of a well-prepared audio and video explanation.


Solution utilizing intelligent interactive display system

In view of the current situation of 4S stores, our company has developed an intelligent interactive display system. This system has functions such as information interaction, video playback, cloud shelves, and data statistics. With the dignified display stand, it can well strengthen the publicity of car brands and related accessories.

The specific implementation method:
Place an electronic shopping guide display stand with intelligent interactive display function in the 4S store. On the booth, put some beautiful car prop models, each car prop model represents a car model.

Intelligent interactive multimedia display function of car model
1, customer picks up the prop model, the LCD screen immediately plays the video of the model, including the product's performance, features, parameters, structure, technological content and so on. The videos prepared by these merchants carefully can more fully demonstrate the characteristics of the vehicles, and even the abstract meanings that are not easy to express can be displayed in front of the customers with the videos with rich pictures and texts.

2, The platform can automatically record the viewing times and playing time of each model. Therefore, on the software management platform of the Cloud server, you can view the viewing times and playing time statistics of each model by terminal name, statistical time period, etc. . Through big data, it is possible to truly analyze consumer purchasing behavior and provide a strong basis for scientific decision-making of business operations.

3, When no customer chooses to view the exhibits, the LCD screen will automatically play the set advertising video. This video can promote in-store events, merchandise for sale, and other ads such as insurance, small gifts, auto parts, lubricants, and more.