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Intelligent Digital Shopping Guider in Beauty Salon

Intelligent Digital Shopping Guider in Beauty Salon

Many beauty and hair products are advertised in the media platform, but the cost is very high, and the effect is not necessarily good....
Focus on Smart Store with Intelligent Interactive Display System

Application Introduction


New application of Intelligent Interactive Digital Shopping Guider in Beauty Salon


The current state of Beauty Salons


1、Many customers come to the beauty salon and often have nothing to do while waiting in the lounge area, and some customers even feel bored. The purpose of these customers coming to the beauty salon is very definite, and the type of customers is also very clear. If can make full use of this time, first, you can let customers get alternative services, and second, you can increase product sales and increase the income of beauty salons.
2、Many beauty and hair products are advertised in the media platform, but the cost is very high, and the effect is not necessarily good. If the advertisement can be placed in the beauty salon, the advertisement will be very accurate and the effect will be very good.
3、The best way to sell a product is to teach product knowledge and how to use it correctly, and the explanation effect of an ordinary staff is far less than that of a well-prepared audio and video explanation.


New application to change the status quo of beauty salons


The intelligent interactive digital shopping guider has the functions of information interaction, video playback, cloud shelf, data statistics, etc., and with the dignified and atmospheric display stand, it can well strengthen the publicity of beauty salon products and brands.
The specific implementation method:
An electronic shopping guide display stand with intelligent interactive display function is placed in the beauty salon rest area. Together with the electronic shopping guide stands placed in other beauty salons, it forms an electronic shopping guide platform.


This platform can be rented to a variety of beauty salon product merchants, skin care products merchants, small gift merchants, etc. for rent or sales commissions, and can also broadcast various services of beauty salons.
Functions of Intelligent Interactive Digital Shopping Guider 
1、When a customer picks up a product, the LCD screen immediately displays the video or picture, including the product's functions, features, effects, architecture, environmental protection, implied stories, promotions, and more. The videos prepared by these merchants carefully can fully demonstrate the characteristics of the products, and even the abstract meanings that are not easy to express can be presented to the customers with the videos.

2、The system can guide users to directly enter their own platform stores by clicking "Product Details". Even if the store is ranked on the tens of pages of the platform, they can enter the store extremely quickly, and customers do not need to spend time searching on the platform. In addition, scanning the QR code can also provide detailed product information or payment. Customers can buy both in-store and online. In this way, the new retail model of offline experience of online shopping is completely opened, and the integration of offline and online is perfectly realized. 
3、On the electronic shopping guide information terminal, when customers watch interactive exhibits, they can also view other products, such as popular products, discounted products, limited-time promotional products, etc. in cloud shelf. Through the cloud shelf, the problem of a large number of commodities and insufficient display area in the business hall is well solved.
4、The platform can automatically record the viewing times and playing time of each product. Therefore, on the software management platform of the cloud server, you can view the viewing times and playing time statistics of each exhibit by the terminal name, statistical time period, etc. Through big data, it is possible to truly analyze consumer purchasing behavior and provide a strong basis for scientific decision-making of business operations.
5、When no customer chooses to watch the exhibits, the LCD screen automatically plays the configured advertising video. This video can promote in-store events, products for sale, or play other ads to increase store revenue.